The strategic centre of the business is based in the south east of England in a small town just outside of the M25 called Aldershot. This is the where the majority of the plans take action such as, NPD, branding, marketing, sales, and the occasional game of pool on a Friday afternoon.

Within our supply chain we have three distribution hubs which are strategically located in Liverpool (north west), Rugby (west midlands) and Aldershot (south east) with each serving a specific purpose that allows us to quickly supply a variety of customers in as little as 24 hours. Through these hubs the business has the capacity to supply anything from 1 carton, through to mixed pallets and full loads.

We supply a wide variety of customers that range from garage forecourt groups, fine food distributors through to the discount market and multiple retailers.

As well as focusing on the UK, in recent years we have developed our brands internationally and now export to several countries.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist in the UK or abroad, no matter how big or small, we would love to hear from you. Please click the button below to be directed to our contacts page.

Our global reach

In a world with Brexit headlines and international trade embargoes it is becoming ever more important to develop our export markets and seek to grow our brands internationally.

You will currently see our product range in stores across the Middle East, South East Asia, Hong Kong, North Africa, Europe and India. We are looking for more partners, so please get in touch.

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