The classic cheese toastie is a tasty treat that has just got a lot more convenient and delicious. Toasteez is a brand of sumptuous pockets of cheesy goodness in toastie form. Each one contains additional flavours that will ignite the palate.

After popping them in the toaster or the oven, it will only be a matter of minutes before the smooth texture and blend of flavours satisfy your craving. The quick toasting time means that these cheesy treats can be enjoyed at home as a lunchtime treat or on the go.

Delicious Flavours

From the classic Ham n’ Cheese to hints of onion, salami, and jalapeno, our toasties are packed full of flavour, complementing our rich and tasty cheese.

Ham n’ Cheese | Cheese n’ Onion | Cheese Salami n’ Jalapeno